※About your privacy in YIYUAN GAMES

YIYUAN GAMES values your privacy on the internet. In order to provide services with this product, we would like to provide this privacy policy to inform you how we collect and manage your personal information and the rights you deserve. Please take a moment reading it. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please do not use the services and events. Your contact is welcomed to leave some feedback and suggestions.


1. Our privacy policy applies to:  How this product manages any identification collected as user using our services and how we share identification to our business partners.  2. Our privacy policy does not apply to:  Any other company or individual which this product does not corporate with or hire.

※How we collect your information

1. Information you give us:  Before playing, using services, browsing website or applying for event of YIYUAN GAMES, we will ask you to register and fill out personal information.  2. Information we get from your use of our services:  YIYUAN GAMES may automatically collect log information, IP address, cookies and data caches.

※Use of Personal Data

1. Reveal, Rent or Sell:  ● YIYUAN GAMES use your information only on specific purpose. Your personal information will not be revealed, rented or sold to third party unless you agree to. In addition, we will not use your information on any other purpose without informing you in advance.  ● Regarding to the content above, YIYUAN GAMES will not reveal your personal information without your agreement. However, we are not able to guarantee under the conditions below: 1.When your behavior violates the terms of service or may influence the rights of YIYUAN GAMES to damage any individual, we believe that it is required to reveal your personal information for recognition, contact or legal pursue. 2.Due to public safety, if government organization asks YIYUAN GAMES to reveal certain personal information, YIYUAN GAMES will follow legal procedure to corporate. 3.YIYUAN GAMES believes it is required to reveal your personal information for legal purpose based on goodwill. 2. Before using our services  YIYUAN GAMES will offer full description of our services and how we use your information. You may decide to agree or disagree before using our services. If it is necessary to offer your information to third party, YIYUAN GAMES will request for non-disclosure agreement on your information and make sure the third party execute certainly.

※Edit or delete personal information

When playing games of YIYUAN GAMES, feel free to contact us for assistance in editing your personal information (address, phone number, email…etc). The information that you may edit does not include the records of using our services. Moreover, although your account has been banned, your records of using our services will still be reserved.


When using our services, other site links may be activated. For instance, while using the services from the third party or reading an information providing by YIYUAN GAMES, there might be other site links. YIYUAN GAMES cannot guarantee your privacy on other sites. Therefore, it is recommended to read privacy policy on other sites before leaving YIYUAN GAMES games.

※About Cookies

Cookie is a small file of letters and numbers downloaded on to your computer when you access certain websites. When you use your browser to visit a website, cookies will keep track of your movements, habits or selection within the site and IP address. Websites with membership usually use cookies to store user ID, password, personal websites and browsing history. With all this data, websites can build a list of shopping and browsing of every user but they can not modify any content of visitor’s computer. Please notice that most of browsers automatically accept cookies. If you are not willing to store your data on the website you browsed, you may change the setting about cookies on most of browsers. While disabling cookies, you can still using YIYUAN GAMES services. If you are a member of YIYUAN GAMES, enabling cookies will bring you much more convenience. Therefore, while disabling cookies, we are not able to recognize you on your every visit and bring you more services.

※Self protection

With all the protection above, we would like to remind you of keeping your account, password and any other personal information safe. Please do not reveal to any individual. After completing any online transaction or services on other sites, make sure you log out. If you share the computer with someone else or use public computer, please close browsing windows after using to avoid others loading your personal information or emails.


YIYUAN GAMES Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will post revised privacy policy on official website page of each product and welcome your visiting.